AC Rental Service provider, air conditioner or AC is along with the develop of those technology now called AC is also used in an event both indoor and outdoor. The service offering, we have: AC rental services, misty fan rental, air cooler rental. Renting our units have procedures:

1. You need to pick your AC size -you need to match the size of the space to be cooled.
2. Pick a rental date and time- for us we offer for a day, a week, monthly or seasonal rental.
3. Installing instructions – by the time you are calling you need to inform about installation, where is the area or need assistance for the electrical set up and cables.
4. Delivery or pick up- give us the exact location or schedule for pick-up. please note that we only cater by those have appointments.

Split type units, which are typically used for environments requiring large capacities such as server rooms or large offices

We recommend performed well in our tests, have useful features that justify their price, and are designed to maintain a cool temperature events like wedding, dinner, convention room.