We are selling wide range of air conditioners especially portable AC, our product line includes wall or split AC, window AC, portable AC, spot or duct AC. Our AC offers is measured in different BTU’s, as a larger unit its indicates a greater power. We are offers quiet, efficient and economical alternatives for all your air conditioning project requirements.


SPOT AC * Cooling for large space easily. * Low noise and no installation needed. * High density filter and high universal wheels. * Be able to connect with exhaust duct to be used in outdoor. * Widely be used in many sites, such as workshop, production line, warehouse, tents, camping. * Design with 1-3 air out pipe, the direction is adjustable.


FLOOR STANDING AC * Excellent performance with low power consumption * Efficiency performance with the aid of the wide airflow * Aid for a wide air flow


* can cool up to 550 square-foot room * This includes app connectivity, a longer warranty, a heating mode, and foam seals to assist with efficient cooling. * Good job cooling without making much noise. * Good Air quality